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Oropouche Virus in Cuba

Type of event:
Disease/Outbreak, Public Health





June 11, 2024

What happened

On May 27th, the Cuban Ministry of Public Health announced outbreaks of the Oropouche Virus (OROV) in the provinces of Santiago de Cuba and Cienfuegos, with a total of 54 confirmed cases in the former and 20 in the latter. The detection of the cases was made possible by the enhanced surveillance and monitoring measures implemented following a rise in suspected febrile illness in those regions. The people infected are recovering and there hadn’t been severe cases or deaths reported as updated on 5th June. Currently, there is no specific antiviral treatment or vaccine available for Oropouche virus disease.

Local and national health authorities are enacting public health measures by initiating a plan to combat arbovirus. This plan encompasses integrated actions such as organizing emergency responses, conducting entomological and epidemiological surveillance, providing medical assistance, and engaging in research and development.

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