Threat LensBiologicalItaly, Dengue case in Ferrara prompts disinfection plan

Italy, Dengue case in Ferrara prompts disinfection plan

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July 3, 2024

What happened

A resident from the province of Ferrara, who has returned from overseas, has shown symptoms of the Dengue virus and is now in isolation at the Infectious Diseases Department of the Cona Hospital, reportedly in stable condition. The biological sample analysis from the patient, conducted by the Regional Reference Centre for Microbiological Emergencies (CRREM) at Sant’Orsola Hospital in Bologna, has confirmed the presence of the Dengue virus. Concurrently, the Public Health Department of the USL Company of Ferrara has initiated the extraordinary disinfestation protocol in the patient’s municipality, in line with the Arbovirosi Regional Plan. In the first three months of 2024, the confirmed dengue cases in Emilia Romagna numbered 10.

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