WorldAsia-OceaniaA new epidemic of deadly bacteria is affecting Japan

A new epidemic of deadly bacteria is affecting Japan

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June 17, 2024

What happened

There were almost 1000 cases of STSS (Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome) in Japan at the beginning of June. It is a serious disease provoked by a group of bacteria and can rapidly lead to death. In the beginning, the symptoms that arise are fever, muscle pain, and nausea, but they are quickly followed by low blood pressure and an accelerated heartbeat. To avoid fatal consequences it is necessary to start immediate treatment with antibiotics and proper therapy. The people most at risk are those who have open wounds, for example as a result of surgery. Experts do not know yet how these bacteria enter the body of infected people but they advise to have good hygiene practices and to intervene promptly in case of infection.

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